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Sonance web site (July 9, 2009): In 1982, Sonance co-founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer asked their client to point to the precise spot on the kitchen wall where she’d like her speakers placed. And with a single swing of a hammer, shock waves went through the audio and architectural industries that reverberate to this day. At that moment, what the founders of Sonance had created was literally a breakthrough.

The relationship between architecture and audio would be forever altered.

Sonance did something that no one in the audio industry had done before: move the loudspeakers off the floor, off the shelf, and into the wall. Suddenly the placement of speakers was limitless, with both the walls and ceiling of any room in the home now part of the blank canvas open to the architect and designer. With Sonance, speakers could be less obtrusive, but no less acoustically precise. With Sonance, speakers could make sound an element of design, like light, form, and color.

That creative freedom, that power to see architecture and audio blending in new ways, is what Sonance has always offered the design community and its clients. At the same time, Sonance has continued to innovate, leading the industry to solutions that designers, custom installers and design-sensitive audiophiles recognize as truly breakthrough.

CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Credited with inventing the in-wall speaker and for recognition of his achievements and his contributions to the custom install industry, CEDIA awarded Scott Struthers the 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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