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  • Sotis Audio
  • V.le Paradiso 41, 10040 Rivarossa (TO), Italy
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  • +39 11 9700 835
  • +39 11 9700 835


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Valve Amplifiers

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Sotis web site (July 2002):

Engineered for Magic

A Hi-End system is just an illusion engine (L. T. Olson), a type of mechanical contrivance that hypnotizes the audience. If the contrivance fails in this, it fails utterly, just as a magic trick entertains.

Style and Substance

The extensive know-how we have acquired in many years of personal experimentation has enabled us to achieve an unmatched level of musical performance. You can always tell a Sotis product from all the others on the market: our models are beautifully styled by Architecnical with their own incomparable design.

Yet, though their beauty is unique and breathtaking, you'll find it even easier to recognize a Sotis amplifier when you close your eyes and listen to it. Superb transients, great clarity, incomparable smoothness all combine to give you an unbelievable sense of power and all the greatness of a live musical event. When you hear it, you'll know.

When it Comes to Components, Only the Best Will Do

All our electronics are vacuum tube-based: we are convinced that vacuum tubes are superior to semiconductors in hi-fi applications. Special custom AVVT handcrafted tubes, carefully designed and hand-made output transformers are the key to our unequalled sound. Hall-Of-Fame quality parts such as Wima, WBT, Ampohm, and polypropylene capacitors, custom-made to our exacting specifications enable our products to provide exactly the same performance levels under almost every environmental condition. Our products simply do not age.

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