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  • Audio Products International Corp.
  • 3641 McNicoll Ave, Toronto ON Canada, M1X 1G5
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Dynamic Speakers

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Sound Dynamics web site (July 22, 2009): Sound Dynamics is one of many companies headed by Audio Products International Corp. API is a global company founded in 1973, and is based in Toronto Canada. API has offices in numerous countries around the world, and we sell our products in over 70 countries worldwide. The head office and manufacturing facility covers 165,000 square feet of space where high technology machinery, and skilled people design and build most Sound Dynamics products.

All Sound Dynamics speakers represent the latest in aesthetics, ergonomics, and technology, with the goal of bringing you a high value product with extreme performance capabilities.

The manufacturing techniques and tolerances are far above industry standards for woodworking, and electronic designs. Each and every Sound Dynamics product that is produced is electronically tested for frequency response, and phase correctness. Then, the product undergoes multiple physical inspections to ensure your Sound Dynamics product is perfect right out of the box!

The Sound Dynamics by Energy line of speakers share the same design heritage as API's Energy brand. This means they play loud, they sound spectacular, and they will perform that way for years.

Julie Swallows (May 17, 2013): Sound Dynamics was started by the world famous George Baker, who went on to start Mirage, etc.. He was once the Cerwin-Vega distributor in Canada, but was fired by Gene Czerwinski when it was discovered that he had registered the C-V brand name and trade mark in Canada in his own name. He knew how well that kind of loudspeaker was selling, so he just started making similar products.

Julie Swallows (May 17, 2013): API Factory Tour! Great historical info about API:

Rusty Kuntz (June 8, 2013): API also made products for other companies like LOGIK and AUDIO PULSE.

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