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The Sound Dynamics 300-TI is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1990 to unknown.



Charles Peterson (January 28, 2006): The Sound Dynamics 300-Ti is a great speaker. It is very dynamic, full range speaker. It is very transparent without being edgy. It is warm without being muddy. It is relatively compact and inexpensive for being a high end cult classic.

The frequency response I measured from this speaker (using a calibrated 1/8 microphone with Fiji/LAUD 3) is among the flattest I have ever measured. For normal audio use, except for the deepest pipe organ, you can get away without a subwoofer. One thing that might worry first-timers is that there is very little sound coming from the small midrange speaker. I suspect this is part of the design. I suspect this speaker uses a very clever design in which the midrange simply fills in the notch between the woofer and tweeter which are crossed over with a 12dB in-phase network. This design has the virtue of phase coherency similar to a 6dB/octave design, but with the superior performance of a 12dB design. I must stress that this is just a guess. I thought of such a design myself in 1980. Unfortunately, it may be that the general popularity of this design is diminished by the fact that people, myself included, at first think "it must not be working" because they don't hear much coming out of the midrange driver, where you would expect to hear a lot coming out, since music is mostly midrange.

This has become a kind of cult classic after having been glowingly praised by famous audio reviewer Harry Pearson, founder of The Absolute Sound. In a very short list of speakers he recommended, it was near the top, equalling or surpassing a $22,000 speaker. He praised it in several issues, despite being out-of-production. At one point, he said it was a speaker he could live with forever. Another Sound Dynamics speaker also praised by HP was the RTS-3, a later 2-way model. However, he ranked it a notch or two lower. Having used both of these speakers, I can assure you that the 300-Ti is far superior, and the RTS-3 is not even one of my favorites.

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