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Ribbon Speakers

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Stage Accompany web site (December 2003): Since being founded in 1977, Stage Accompany has become an internationally acclaimed Dutch manufacturer of high quality sound equipment. At present, Stage Accompany exports to more than 30 countries world wide. The success of Stage Accompany can be attributed to the high quality performance and durability of the equipment it produces, along with the pursuit of excellence which govern the company's daily operations. It is difficult to envision a professional audio market without Stage Accompany equipment.
It all started with the Blue Box

In the beginning, Stage Accompany manufactured loudspeaker cabinets (the well known "W-Bins and "slides") and flight cases. Several years later, professional amplifiers and, the world's first programmable parametric equaliser were added to the list of equipment manufactured by Stage Accompany. In 1986, demonstrating a dedication to achieve optimal sound reproduction and a desire to ensure the first class quality present in its other products, SA made the decision to begin development and production of its own componentry. Standing at the forefront of its developments is the patented, award winning Ribbon Compact Driver. Integrating this unique mid-range/treble reproducing Ribbon Compact Driver in all systems, SA has achieved absolute Hi-Fi quality at unprecedented SPLs.

An end result of SA's focus and dedication toward achieving optimal sound is well reflected through the impressive clientele list it has earned and maintains. The enthusiastic clientele, which SA respectively refers to as its "Ambassadors", include The Artist FKA Prince , EuroDisney Paris, Pathe' cinemas, The Blue Note Jazz Cafe in New York, Royal National Theatre London, Lincoln Center Theaters in New York, Panavision Studios in Hollywood, and many, many more.

In addition to the clientele of which SA proudly boasts, a team of very bright and dedicated employees can be found throughout SA's "flat "organisation. Motivated by unsurpassed fervor an passion toward music, it is no surprise to view the successes and "catch the fever" of this dynamic an high spirited company which is visible throughout the pro audio market.

Standing at the technological forefront of the professional audio market, Stage Accompany is well recognised for its unique designs, advanced electronics, and application of the latest digital technology. The Ribbon Compact Driver is one such innovation which places Stage Accompany sound in a league of its own. Experience is the best testimonial.


Stage Accompany web site (May 2002): In a nutshell, SA started manufacturing loudspeaker cabinets in 1977 (the W-bin), following with amplifiers in 1980 (the SA 500); The big "change" came in 1986 with the Blue Box, the first "Ribbon Compact Driver-loaded" product, with more to follow. After that the Champion Series came (1987 ) as "modular" system (to be transformed into the current "Champ Series"). The Performer system was introduced in 1990 (with PPA 1200 amp).

Basically, all speaker systems before 1986 used JBL components. All cabinets were available in black with or without speakers and in SA blue with speakers only. After 1986 , all speakers were/are Stage Accompany. Especially, by being in production for more than 15 years, the Blue Box has many versions. Therefore it is important to check of what version you would like to have information.

Rene Schrauwen (February 26, 2008): At you can find additional info of the PPA 1200, Blue Box, RCD and many more. The site is dedeicated to Stage Accompany vintage equipment. You find there also: User guides, Service Manuals, elctronic circuits, thiele small parameters and many more. Of the following components: X60a, PPA 1200, PPE 2400, PPE 2410, Blue Box, SAnet, sc25a ISA interface card and many more.

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