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General information[contribute]

The Stax ED-1 monitor is a diffuse field equalizer in the electrostatic headphone category. It was manufactured from 1988 to 1988.

Howard Popeck (September 25, 2010): This is word for word exactly what STAX said about the thinking behind this short-lived project:

The SRM-Monitor, ED-1 Signature, ED-1 Monitor and the ED-5 equaliser/driver units were developed jointly in Japan and West Germany for use with STAX Earspeakers and reference audio material recorded on a German dummy head. Dummy heads like ‘Neumann Kunstkopf’ or Aachener Kopf’ have become famous as a means for scientific noise analysis as much as for Binaural reproduction systems.

STAX engineers with the help of Dr. Thaille from the Institute of Broadcast Technology (Insutitute fur Runtfunk-Technik) in Munich, developed a new equaliser based on an optimised equalisation curve developed using materials recorded on the Neumann KU-81i Dummy Head and played back through STAX Lambda Professional Earspeakers.

A defeat (equaliser ON/OFF) switch lets the user bypass the equaliser circuitry as desired and is useful for testing equaliser effects.

Okay, so what does this mean?

Well, all we can tell you is that when we use our ED-1 with our SR-Lambda Professional Earspeakers, the Earspeakers seem to disappear sonically. It really is as if they aren't there. The effect is very striking on all music which already has an ambient presence, a natural acoustic if you will. With material less sympathetically recorded, the effect is less noticeable ’“ but still apparent..

Important Note:

The ED-1 Signature is NOT an equaliser. You'll still need a STAX Equaliser to drive your STAX Earspeakers. Typically the ED-1 Signature sits between your signal source (such as the analogue output of your DAC or single-box CD), and your STAX Energiser, and is connected by phono leads

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