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Thiel web site (December 2006): NOVEMBER 2006: THIEL Audio Products Company of Lexington, Kentucky is a privately-held, engineering-driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality music and video sound reproduction in the home. Our products incorporate a variety of technological advancements in driver design,acoustical construction techniques, and crossover design.

All of our work is directed toward one end: to provide the end-user with the most realistic sound reproduction possible. Whether customers enjoy rock or classical, whether they enjoy audio-for-audio or audio-for-video, and regardless of their space or budget limitations, we want to provide the customer the most realistic approximation of a live musical or sonic event, and the emotional and intellectual pleasure that implies

In 1977, THIEL began production of their first speaker, the model 01. In 1978 THIEL introduced the model 03 which pioneered complete time and phase accuracy in multi-driver dynamic speaker systems. THIEL currently manufactures fifteen models of Coherent Source(r) loudspeakers, the surface-mount PowerPoint(r) 1.2, in-wall PowerPlane(r) 1.2, in-ceiling HigherPlane 1.2, SS1, SS2, SS3 and SS4 subwoofers, shelf and stand-sized sized SCS4 and MCS1, floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, CS3.7, CS6, CS7.2, and ViewPoint for use with wall-mounted, flat panel TVs, ranging in price from $2,190 to $16,000 per pair. In the company's first 10 years, market demand for THIEL speakers fueled an average growth of 50 percent each year from 1977 to 1986. Today THIEL is one of the world's largest high-end speaker manufacturers.

Jim Thiel is a co-founder, co-owner, and product design engineer for THIEL. His interest in music began on the piano in early childhood and remains an important part of his life today. His involvement in audio can be traced to age 12 when he began to build and repair radios and other electronic gear. His academic background is in physics and mathematics. Jim pioneered the principle of time and phase accuracy in loudspeakers with the use of sloped baffles, coaxial driver mounting, and phase coherent crossover network design.

Kathy Gornik, co-founder, co-owner and President, is responsible for the company vision, policies, and marketing strategy. She oversees the appointment of all domestic dealers and international distributors, and is responsible for relations with the media and audio industry. She is also involved in promoting THIEL and high-end audio in general through leadership in several industry organizations. Kathy was reelected Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) for 2004 after serving in 2003 and currently serves on CEA's Executive Board. She is also a past Chairperson and current Vice-chairperson of CEA's Audio Division as well as the founder and first Chairperson of the High Performance Audio subdivision, a CEA group she helped to create. The CEA provides member support and education, consumer promotion, sets product standards, and represents the electronics industry's interests with government. Within the high-end audio community, Kathy was on the Steering Committee during the development of the Academy for the Advancement of High End Audio, a group formed to promote high-end audio, and served on its Executive Committee. Kathy was honored as a 1993 Kentucky/Southern Indiana Region "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Inc. magazine and served as a judge for the 1994 Entrepreneur Awards.

Jim Thiel's designs have been honored on a number of occasions by the audio industry. These awards include: the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Design and Engineering Award, awarded 22 different times, including a 2007 award for the new CS3.7 and a "Best of Innovations" Award for the new ViewPoint for 2005; 7 AudioVideo International magazine Hi-Fi Grand Prix "Product of the Year" Awards since 1989; Stereophile magazine's "Loudspeaker of 1993" for the CS3.6 and Runner-up in 1992, '94, '95, '98 and 2000; Germany's Image Hi-Fi "Speaker of the Millennium" for the CS7.2 in 1999; Japan's Stereo Sound magazine's 1998-99 (Components of the Year) Award for the CS7.2; The Perfect Vision's "Editor's Choice 2001-2005" Award for the PowerPoint; SoundStage's 2001 "Edge of the Art" award for the CS7.2; The Absolute Sound's 2002 mid-priced "Loudspeaker of the Year" for the CS1.6; SoundStage's 2002 "Exceptional Value" award for the CS1.6; Pro Audio Reviews' "Reviewer's Pick" for 2003; THIEL's floor-standing model, the CS2.4, was named a 2003 Electronic House magazine "Product of the Year," a SoundStage "Reviewers' Choice" for 2003, and a The Absolute Sound "Editors' Choice" for 2003. The PCS/SS2 system was named a 2004 Electronic House magazine "Product of the Year," and SoundStage's 2004 "Innovation in Design" award for the SS2; and the ViewPoint was also selected as TechHome's Mark of Excellence 2005 "Loudspeaker of the Year", for inclusion on TechLiving's 2004 Must-Have "Hot List" and as one of CEDIA Expo's "Hot 50" products for 2004. The PowerPoint 1.2 was named an Electronics House "Product of the Year" for 2005.

Other company awards include a first place finish and highest overall score ever recorded in Inside Track's 1995 Supplier Loyalty Test, a survey of over 500 consumer electronics specialist retailers. THIEL received an advertising/ marketing Marcom Award presented at the 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show. THIEL won first place in the category of Corporate Identity for its in-house produced 1993 Christmas/Holiday Card, followed by an award for its 2002 25th Anniversary Holiday card. THIEL also received a MarCom Award for magazine advertising in 1995. THIEL's full-line product brochure was named "Best of Show" by the Kentucky Printer Craftsmen Guild in 1997, and THIEL's Custom Installation brochure won the Printing Industry Association of the South's "Best of Category" in 2000 and 2004. The 2005 version was selected as a MarCom "Platinum" award winner for Creativity and Design, for an APEX "Award of Excellence" and a Communicator "Award of Distinction." THIEL's trade show signage also received two "Awards of Excellence" in 2003.

Today, THIEL continues the pursuit of musical perfection through advanced technology and construction techniques. The primary focus of each area of the company-research and development, acoustical and construction engineering, and marketing and sales-is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and the greatest enjoyment possible of the home sound experience.

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