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Electrostatic Speakers

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J.M. Willigens on the Tolteque: Their manufacturer, AHL, a subsidiary of a steel mill in Haut Languedoc (south of France) went out of business around 1995. Their product line included three different Tolt'que models, differing only in height and called "americain", europeen and japonais to reflect the differing ceiling heights required to accommodate them. The Tolt'ques were originally meant to use the "cold plasma" ionization technology, which proved unpracticable, but a lot of the research work, particularly concerning transformers and isolation, was used for an ESL development.

After the Tolteques came the slightly smaller Swan 1 and the comparatively miniature Swan 2, both wide range as well and sharing the same transformer technology. Their developer was J.C. Fourri're, a well known and very individualistic French acoustician. I have a pair of Swan1's, which I consider superior to most of the models currently on the market, due to a less marked directivity and a very substantial deep bass response.

Beyond Tolt'que there used to be some famous French hybrids. Among them the very famous Colonnes by Andre Charlin, who was involved in ESL tweeters for over forty years. I think the company's acronym stands for "Atelier Holographique du Languedoc", the steel mill having been the "Acieries du Haut Languedoc".

There have been gorgious ESLs. May be you can get some material on Beveridge. Threshold had started with ESLs recently, but they are said to have gone too. As a matter of fact their ESLs, somehow similar to my Swans, came from Europe. In Germany you should browse for Podzus-Goerlich and Puetz, some of the small protagonists, who sells ESL modules.

Pierre (January 19, 2010): In fact, the acronym AHL means "Acieries du Haut Languedoc" (steel mill of Haut Languedoc).

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