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Triphazer web site (July 19, 2009): We at Tritium are sound enthusiasts first and foremost, and firmly believe that audio and can have a profound physiological and emotional effect on people when done right. Music is an art form that has been present at least as long as life forms have. It is many different things to different people: An expression of emotion, a way of communicating, a medium for masses to unite as one, or even just a tool for releasing some energy. No matter how or where music is used, it is a universally understood language. And it is a gift we would like to see everyone experience and feel to its fullest capabilities.

The problem nowadays seems to be that music has taken a backseat to other agendas. Music has lost its ability to really engross the listener in its content and inspire them. Much like the feeling a child has when he or she gets that first album and starts their journey of musical discovery. Everything is so new and wonderful. They are so eager to explore new musical art forms and see what else is out there. They spend their days just sifting through album upon album with the same anticipation and anxiety of an explorer, or an archaeologist, or even an astronaut. They're not really sure what lies ahead, but they cannot wait to get there. This is the feeling in music that has been lost. But why?

With so much going on in peoples' lives nowadays, do we really ever have time to set aside for listening to music? It seems that the only time we do make for music is when we need some background filler. Something to just combat the silence while we work. At this point, music begins to sound more like noise and less like music. When is the last time you have had time to sit and really enjoy an album? Or maybe you had the time, but nothing on that shelf of albums looked very interesting anymore. But that is the way times are nowadays. So we go through our day, missing out on that inspirational and emotional boost that most people could probably benefit from, but just don't get. Has music lost its intrigue and draw?

The answer is No. Music will always have its intrigue. What has been lost is the ability to convey that musical message in a clear and distinct manner. The ability to capture the essence without all the noise, so that the listener can really concentrate on what's important. The ability to really feel the music, from every thunderous boom down to every slight nuance. It's the way the message is being conveyed that is hindering our abilities to love music like that little kid again.

This is a brand new sound technology that will revolutionize the audio industry completely. And it was designed out of a love and passion for music. We just want our product to entertain and evoke emotion in people, bringing them a pleasure to look forward to whenever they get the chance to experience it. And the best part of it is this: It doesn't replace any component in your system, it is meant to complement your existing system.

25 years of research and development at Tritium has realized that this is the problem with music, and we have designed the solution. This is the Tri-Phazer (Try-Fay-Zur). A solution to a problem that most all listeners probably would not even know existed in music, until they have heard that music through our Tri-Phazer.

Tri-Phazer technology fixes an age-old problem in audio transfer that is present in every single electronic device. It restores the timing and balance to a performance as if you had front row seats. The end result is sound that is almost too unbelievable to be true. Music simply comes alive. Clarity and definition exist like never before. The listener is able to relate more intimately than was ever thought possible. It's a very hard feeling to describe, but you the listener know that feeling exists. Music isn't just heard, it is felt.

Once your system readjusts to the new Tri-Phazed signal, it will be able to handle greater power and deliver superb clarity with astounding spatial definition. Remove the distortion out of the mix, and what is left is the true original sound brought back to life. Music is literally rediscovered and brought to the forefront.

And that really is the bottom line of it all. Music is our lifeblood. Without it, we would lack so much of the emotion and excitement that fuels our lives. Music should not take a back seat in our world. Without it, we may be lost. Think about your whole day and listen for all the different music infused throughout that day. Take all that away and see what is left. Whether people know it or not, music is our life. And we want to bring it back to the front stage where it belongs. We here at Tritium are music lovers and want the rest of the world to be as well.

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