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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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WBE Audio web site (June 30, 2009): The man behind WBE is its founder Mr. Walter Bret who started his career as construction-engineer at the sports-car-manufacturer Porsche / Southern Germany. 10 years of work for Porsche were followed by an appointment for chief of development at Albs, a company that develops and produces individual audio equipment. 5 years later - having acquired profound knowledge in machine-construction, process-engineering and circuit-designing - time was ready for Walter Bret to set up his own high-end enterprise. WBE was found in the year 1993 with the intention to engage in pure-research of audio-circuitry as well as development and production of innovative state-of-the-art audio-equipment.

ONE main focus in WBE's research is the hybrid-technology of amplifiers, in which the precision, power and speed of transistors is combined with the smoothness, clarity and richness in tonal colour of tubes. ANOTHER main focus is the realization of loudspeaker systems free of vibrations / resonances by using sandwich-cabinet construction-techniques. As WBE has its own well-equipped audio- und EMC-laboratory, another backbone of WBE activities are services which comprise development, production and measurements for several renowned German high-end companies and hifi-magazines.

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