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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

TAC (August 1, 2010): We do not know if the dbx Pro company has any relation to the 'original' DBS company from the 1970's-1980's.

John69 (October 2, 2008): Made some heavy amps a while ago. Pretty rare these days.

Daniel Ford (August 2, 2010): The original dbx company started around 1971, and made their name initially with noise reduction systems, later with single-ended audio expanders and other audio equipment. (My interest is only with their audio expanders.)

I'm not sure of the earliest expander model, but I'm aware of 1BX, 2BX, 3BX, 4BX and 5BX models. Used 3BX and 4BX expanders, which also perform 'impact restoration', are often sold on eBay (and similar) for considerable sums, being still in demand by audiophiles. The 3BX had a few variants, the latest (and best) being 3BX III. The later 4BX has the advantage of IR remote control, and thus commands bigger prices. The 5BX was the first(?) digital audio expander from dbx, in their dying days, and was not manufactured long enough to gain significant market penetration. They appear to have been mainly sold in Japan, and command a king's ransom on the *rare* occasions one is offered for sale.

The company appears to have gone out of business around 1996, though the name was taken over by a series of companies, and still exists today ('dbx Pro'?). The following website has an interesting (though incomplete) summary of the dbx range: http://www.vintagedbx.com/

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